Filial Play Coaching

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It can sometimes be difficult for parents and carers to establish and maintain a rewarding relationship with their children and this happens for many different reasons. Filial play coaching aims to help improve the relationship between parent/carer and child, teaching parents about child-centred, non-directive play and how they can include this in their parenting activities. It gives them an opportunity to be able to play a part in supporting and developing their child’s social and emotional development and also support them with any behavioural problems that they may have.

Individual filial play coaching involves the coach and parent working together to learn key skills which they can use to help enhance the attachment that they have with their child. It is an intervention that lasts for about 20 sessions and it includes assessments that will be carried out by the coach prior to the intervention starting. During the intervention the coach and parent meet together weekly to discuss and learn about child-centred, non-directive play; there are play observations; the parent or carer will have special time together regularly for 10 minutes 5 times a week and also evaluation sessions will be completed.

Topics covered during these meetings are:
·         Being predictable and consistent
·         Setting and keeping boundaries
·         Focussing on and being with your child
·         Reflecting your child’s emotions and words
·         Giving choices back to your child.
All the above will be implemented with the use of non-directive play.

Individual – £35 per session. Group – £30 per session (on a sliding scale).

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